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Voice of the Mayors

I favour lowering the start of compulsory schooling to the age of three and I supported the development of extended, or community, school concept

Vice-president of Finances. Bruxelles

We must think on a small scale – for resolving everyday problems and enabling the inhabitants of the region to build their own lives –while also acting on a medium and large scale, in light of the region’s status as a metropolis open to the world and integrated in international trade, and a motor of growth for a whole country.

Jean-Paul HUCHON
President of the Ile-de-France Regional Council. Île-de-France

Only by adhering to the path of innovation-driven growth can we make the transition from “made in Guangzhou” into “created in Guangzhou”

Guohui Wen
Mayor. Guangzhou

We are striving to create a city in which all feel free and safe to participate and move, regardless of gender, age, disability or other factors that may influence each individual’s sense of safety

. Johannesburg

I believe that we cannot fully discharge our responsibilities if we act by considering only our term and not investing in the future

Mevlüt UYSAL
Mayor. Istanbul

I worked hard to make Seoul a city where citizens can be the true mayors by proposing three main directions: communication, participation and governance

Mayor. Seoul

In my opinion, creative and scientific contribution of the youth is a mutual achievement which has a great effect at the present time and the future.

Mayor. Mashhad

My most important policy goal is to create new, affordable housing especially for those with lower and middle income and to curb rising costs for rentals

Michael MÜLLER
Governing Mayor. Berlin

En un mundo en el que las ciudades y los gobiernos locales se han puesto a la vanguardia de la lucha contra el cambio climático, donde los Alcaldes estan empezando a generar canales formales y informales de cooperación para impusar la agenda verde, confiamos que seguiremos juntos trabajando por un desarollo sostenible

Head of Government of the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires. Buenos Aires

Nuestra política de salud, desde la planeación hasta la ejecución diaria de los distintos programas y acciones, se guía por los principios rectores de trato digno, calidad en el servicio, equidad y no discriminación

José Ramón Amieva
Head of Government. Ciudad de México

Samples of the legacy from the leaders of the major metropolises

The leading decision-makers in major cities all over the world, most commonly known as mayors, must be closely heeded and understood by the international community. Their titles may vary (mayors, governors, commissioners and so on), but their experience is vital. These local executive officers embody the message of millions of urban dwellers and their daily requirements: employment, housing, mobility, education, healthcare, safety and energy are just some core items of extensive lists. They are the ones held to account by city inhabitants to take care of the specific issues that arise in each of the many fields of the urban life. Their decisions impact not only the individual lives of millions of people, but also the entire economy – in many cases, even up to the national and global levels.

They hold a very high level of political responsibility, running cities, urban agglomerations or metropolitan regions which are considerably more important than certain member states of the United Nations, whether for the size of their population or their global projection. Managing budgets which go well above the annual revenues of some developing countries, they must constantly dialogue with thousands of employees, partners, workers, sponsors, social movements, grassroots and watchdog organizations, in the local, national and international arenas. Thus, mayors and their counterparts in different metropolises are becoming the main political leaders in the front line to respond to the challenges that the planet faces. This role, however, is not yet sufficiently recognized in contemporary international relations, which still give visibility, mostly, to leaders at the national level.

With Voice of the Mayors, Metropolis aims to make these leaders be seen and heard worldwide, for their active role in global development through the exercise of their mandates. Local leaders are asked to explain, in the first person, the nuts and bolts of actions that they themselves have implemented throughout their term(s) of office, which have been held up as examples of successful governance in different fields of the urban life. 

These testimonials become part of a landmark collection of publications, which is being promoted in partnership with United Cities and Local Governments (UCLG) and the World Urban Campaign, alongside the major conferences for the urban community worldwide, between 2014 and 2017.

If your Mayor is interested in contributing to Voice of the Mayors, please contact Ms Lia Brum at the Metropolis Secretariat General.