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Barcelona is committed to promoting the use of sports to facilitate social construction. To this end, it has decided to establish a Sports Network for Social Cohesion and Inclusion to support the projects carried out by sports associations and clubs to foster social inclusion. Initially, it will focus on projects aimed at young people (ages 12 to 18) at risk of dropping out of school and/or who have difficulties finding jobs.

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Barcelona has a long tradition in promoting cooperation with associative agents for many civic action projects in various fields such as in the world of sports. To share project management , based on the cohesive capacity involves the well-oriented sport, is what drives our city to be a Network Social Inclusion and Cohesion Sport Barcelona during the second half of 2014 .


  • To support sports institutions and organizations that use sports to foster and strengthen the social cohesion and inclusion of young people at risk of social exclusion.
  • To create a Barcelona Sports Network for Social Cohesion and Inclusion with sports institutions and organizations that promote projects intended to contribute to the construction of a more cohesive society.
  • To cooperate with other member cities of the Metropolis Association with comparable social contexts in order to share and enrich the Initiative and the generated experience.
  • Young people who participate in the intervention projects undertaken by sports institutions and organizations from the city of Barcelona or from other cities interested in pursuing similar projects.
  • Member institutions and organizations of the Barcelona Sports Network for Social Cohesion and Inclusion.
  • The city of Barcelona and other cities committed to sharing the information arising from the Initiative’s implementation.
  • Metropolis Association itself, which will receive an action guide for sports projects in social environments that are home to young people at risk of social exclusion, which it will be able to transfer to other cities facing similar social situations in the future.


Date Phase / action
2014 Creation of the network in the city of Barcelona
2015 Exchange of experiences in Buenos Aires
2016 Workshop in Barcelona
2017 Paper for "The Voice of Experts"
2017 Presentation in Metropolis World Congress
Project management
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Ajuntament de Barcelona