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Smart,sustainable and inclusive slum development

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The project aims at building a ‘new commons’ by piloting a digital interface built using mobile media technologies for mobilizing community participation at city scale and creating city-people compact for de-slumming Agra under RAY.

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The Interface shall a. reimagine information collection, simplification and sharing to address exclusion, micro-variance, institutional coordination and measurement; b. optimise city’s resources and processes for efficiency; and c. localize, de-engineer and reformat urban planning tools to receive, process and respond to all-slum information - imaginatively and granularly. The pilot shall be tested for citywide scaling up and replication in other cities.


The pilot is aimed at building a “new commons” between people and the city using mobile media technologies and create a digital interface to simplify data/information collection and sharing at the slum and city level, promote participative implementation of sustainable slum upgrading solutions while addressing challenges of exclusion, micro-variance, institutional coordination, tracking and measuring change. The purpose is also to use the technologies to facilitate community participation at scale for the de-slumming of Agra as intended under RAY. 

The beneficiaries will be 6700 poor households living in 22 slums in Taj Ganj, the site of the pilot and key implementing agencies- Agra Municipal Corporation (AMC) and District Urban Development Agency (DUDA) responsible for provision of basic infrastructure and services to the city and development of poor respectively. The project shall be further scaled up with CA grant (as requested) in Agra and with support of project partners – SPA and WSP – to other cities.


Date Phase / action
2015 Platform development
2015 Data visualization workshops
2016 Ward/zonal IT centers
2016 Technical training for community
2017 Impact assessment
Project management
Urban Planner
CURE INDIA Centre For Urban and Regional Excellence
CURE INDIA Centre For Urban and Regional Excellence