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Capacity development for metropolitan projects

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Disseminate and share knowledge on financing alternatives for urban and metropolitan development projects. Contribute to the implementation of projects from the possibility of choice and adoption of alternative financing.

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The cooperation program for capacity building and structuring of financial instruments in Latin America and Caribbean metropolises derives from the experience gained during the Metropolis Initiative “Comparative Study on Metropolitan Governance”, with emphasis on the different forms of financing and search of the best practices in metropolitan coordination. In this study, were identified new institutions, with different levels of maturity in the public-private relation that aims at financing metropolitan actions. That Initiative resulted in an accumulated knowledge of experiences reported in more than 10 metropolises in Brazil and other countries.


The effective application of some of the instruments identified as relevant in the financial structuring of urban and metropolitan projects. In this sense, it will be necessary to assess the existence of institutional capacity or some form of intra/supra metropolitan organization that supports the adoption of such financial instruments.

Metropolises of Latin America and Caribbean associated at Metropolis


Date Phase / action
Jan - Dec 2015 Mapping of potential metropolises involved in the project
Feb 2016 Two-day workshop in São Paulo
March - Dec 2016 Definition of capacity building procedures
Jan - Feb 2017 Implementation of capacity building by experts


  • Contribute to foster and encourage the structuring of new financing instruments of urban and/or metropolitan projects through capacity building;
  • Indicate the appropriate financial instruments according to the reality of the metropolis for structuring urban and/or metropolitan projects;
  • Creation of a permanent forum for discussion, support and dissemination of current practices regarding to project financing in metropolises (format to be defined).
Project management
Advisor for International Relations
EMPLASA - Empresa Paulista de Planejamento Metropolitano SA
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Technical contact
Maria Lucia
Figueiredo Bueno de Camargo
Economic Studies Coordinator
EMPLASA - Empresa Paulista de Planejamento Metropolitano SA