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During the second day of the Smart City Expo World Congress, we will present the publication of the Metropolis Observatory: "Financing metropolitan infrastructure and public services". The author of the document, Ms. Enid Slack (Professor at the University of Toronto), will talk to us about finance but with a metropolitan perspective, analysing the current situation, the challenges that it poses to us, as well as the proposals for action that are included in the publication.



Morning (9h-12h30) –Room 1.4 in the CC1

9h30 - 9h45 Session Opening

  • Mr. Ramon Torra, Metropolitan manager of the Metropolitan Area of Barcelona (AMB)
  • Mr. Eugeni Villalbí, Project officer of Metropolis Observatory
  • 9h45 – 10h30 Public presentation of issue paper 7: “Financing metropolitan public policies and services” by Ms. Enid Slack, Director of Institute on Municipal Finance and Governance and Adjunct Professor Munk School of Global Affairs, University of Toronto

10h30 - 11h50 Round table discussion with representatives of the academic world, international organizations and Metropolis members.

  • Mr. Serge Allou, Local Finance Technical Advisor, UCLG. Moderation and presentation of the "UCLG Strategy on Localizing Financing for Sustainable Urbanization"
  • Ms. Mabel Vargas, Secretaria Municipal de Finanzas - La Paz
  • Mr. Miquel Rodríguez, IESE International Business School, PPP-Cities
  • Mr. Eric Ardouin, Directeur Général – Métropole et Ville de Bordeaux
  • Mr. Juan Voelker, Finance Director of Montevideo
  • Mr. Antti Moisio, OCDE-World Observatory on Subnational Government Finance and Investment
  • Mr. Gérard Wolf, Président de la Task Force Ville Durable de MEDEF International (TBC)

11h50 – 12h Closing

  • Mr. Octavi de la Varga, Metropolis Secretary General


> Fira Gran Via, Room 1.4 in the CC1


You can read the concept note by clicking here

For further information, please contact mr. Eugeni Villalbí, Project Officer for Metropolis Observatory.  


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